The Quotaless Podcast

Slow Down to Speed Up—How to Make 7 Figures with Brandon Fluharty

Episode Summary

This is the first episode of Quotaless, the rebranded podcast of Bobby Dysart. Today, he features Brandon Fluharty, Founder of Be Focused, Live Great and Vice President of Strategic Accounts at LivePerson. It can be difficult wrapping your head around the possibility of making 7 figures. Brandon shares how he came to terms with it and the mental framework he uses to pursue and achieve this goal. He shares the TEMPR personal operating system which calls for the management of your Time, Energy, Motivations, Priorities, and Right Focus. Brandon also talks about getting over the adversity of impostor syndrome and, rather than seen as a negative sign, is actually a positive sign of your willingness to go further. Lastly, he discusses another framework called DFC (Disciplined, Flexible, Curiosity).

Episode Notes



Brandon: "By deliberately slowing down to speed up, that was our core themes heading into that year, I really learned a valuable lesson of actually saying no from me at that stage in my career became more important than what I said yes to."

Brandon: "Those who have been successful and see the potential of success and those who are hungry for success but who are genuine, who treat others with respect, treat those who have the experience before them with respect and lean in with curiosity, that's an attractive energy to be around."

Brandon: "If I can constantly keep thinking about my TEMPR, that helps me to avoid distractions, or helps me to avoid reacting to things outside of my control, and brings me back to a more centered focus of Time, Energy, Motivation, Priorities, Right Focus."

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